Raleigh, NC Area Jobs

Raleigh , NC


Raleigh, NC Area Jobs
Raleigh, NC Full time
Posted on October 4, 2017

Raleigh based General Contracting firm looking for an experienced construction superintendent.


Superintendent Job Duties:


• Direct the efforts of field personnel with a view to meeting deadlines

• Ensure that all workers are provided with a schedule that they must work on

• Handle labor procurement duties and ensure backups

• Provide workers with information on how a project needs to be completed

• Ensure that each team member is aware of quality standards and company policies

• Make sure that workers are knowledgeable of work ethics and best practices

• Procure materials and equipment and ensure appropriate inventory of both

• Hire and train site workers along with making sure that they understand safety issues

• Create and maintain positive relationships with workers, customers, supplies, vendors and subcontractors

• Identify and rectify job hazards on an immediate basis

• Serve as timekeepers for time cards for the purpose of smoothing out payroll activities

• Ensure that all workers on the site work in harmony and attempt to keep conflict at bay

• Intervene during conflicts between members and exercise tact to ward it off

• Verify that each subcontractor has successfully completed the project handed to him

• Ensure that all required permits and licenses are obtained

• Perform inspection of job sites and individual work duties

• Ensure appropriate care and maintenance of construction tools and equipment